The Shoulders

Sensations of Good Posture

Slim the Hips Posture Trick – Stretch the Psoas Muscle

Slim the hips with this posture “trick.”

Stretching the Psoas muscles will help us become more graceful and have more poise and help you to slim the hips. Lengthen the whole body to slim the hips. Stretching the Psoas will help to slim the hips and help us look thinner. Lengthening the spine, align the neck and free the neck, balance the head atop the spine will help to slim the hips. Push the pelvis away from the lower back help the skin and muscles to rise up from the pelvis area and slim the hips. Stretch the psoas muscle will help us maintain good posture and slim the hips.



The Jaw and Good Posture

The jaw is connected with our posture.  TMJ is affected by our posture. The jaw muscles are connected to the muscles that make their way from the throat, chest and onto the pelvis. The pelvis affects posture and the alignment of our spine. How our head is positioned a top our spine affects the position of our jaw. This alignment affects and helps to remove our TMJ affliction.

Stretching the Latissimus Dorsi

Posture "Tricks" to Raising the Chest

Sitting Properly in Social Settings

In this video I discuss sitting properly in social settings.   You’ll see the proper way to address your sitting, how to sit, and how to get up from the chair. If you don’t presently have a more graceful sitting style, you can acquire one. It may take several weeks or months to get the poise needed to sit properly but you can do it. Practice makes perfect. Begin by “stopping everything” until you begin to rid yourself of your old habits. Read up on the Alexander technique. Secondly, lengthen the spine, free the neck, and balance the head above the shoulders. Remove the arch at the small of the back. Use your legs to walk and not your pelvis or the small of the back. Loosen your lower jaw. It may take a while to gain a guy’s grace and poise or if you’re a woman, a woman’s grace and poise but in time, if you really want it, you can change for the better. Notice that I said nothing about sitting properly. It takes a graceful overall movement before acquiring the grace and poise of sitting properly.

After gaining a graceful way of moving about, learn the art of sitting properly. Begin by observing the chair you are about to sit in. Make sure that the chair is clean. Then before sitting properly, step as close the the front of the chair as you can. Turn, gracefully, and before you sit, look up, just a little. This aligns the back and prepares your body to sit. Make sure when you sit that your back is as close to the back of the chair as possible. Sitting properly is best performed when you sit on your sitting bones. Don’t slouch. Keep your heels as close to the front of the chair as is reasonably possible. Do not cross your legs. Have poise when sitting properly at a social setting. Keep your head balanced atop your spine and turn your head when desired, at the top of your spine. This is a good beginning. Follow these tips and you’ll be sitting properly in any social setting.

Reduce GERD – Eat an Apple before Bedtime

Posture – The Important Things

Your posture makes “you” the most important person on the planet. Your pleasing posture, appearance, and great personality grace any occasion. Simply follow the suggestions in this video and you’ll start on the road to acquiring a wonderful personality and posture. You will find out ways to use passive exercises to lengthen your back and improve your posture. Your new and better appearance will open doors for you to social settings you’ve always wanted to experience. You’ll find new ways of acquiring and, most importantly, maintaining great posture and enjoying a wonderful life by keeping a great appearance. Enjoy!

Good Posture – Stretching the Latissimus Dorsi

Good posture can be achieved by stretching the Latissimus Dorsi (side) muscles. The spine when lengthened is good for overall health and great for achieving good posture. Following this video and stretching the latissimus dorsi you will help end your back pain and give you good posture.

Good posture will not occur if this pair of muscles had become smaller through time. Stretching the Latissimus Dorsi is one of the many passive exercises that will bring about good posture. The shortened Latissimus Dorsi will pull your shoulders down, over time, and without your knowledge preventing good posture. One must stretch these muscles as you lengthen your back to give your body the structure of good posture. Good posture helps to end back pain and gives you a more flexible back. Your resulting good posture will thank you.