Better Posture Using the Alexander Technique

Maybe you are dealing with poor posture, weight problems, or other physical issues. Maybe you’re experiencing a lack of self esteem. If so…

“Thoughts, physical movement, health, beauty, and achieving personal goals” was written to help you.

eBook-Thoughts-Physical-Movement-Health-Beauty-Using-the-Alexander-Technique At any age, you still may not accept that your your physical appearance has improved improved adequately through exercise. Perhaps this is because it hasn’t improved, or perhaps you have reservations about your build and appearance. It is likely that many still lack confidence regardless of the number of hours spent at the gym, actively trying to improve one’s appearance.

Even though you have an adequate appearance outwardly, if you’re like many of us you could feel that you’re missing something. You’d like to accept your appearance but you have some reservations about yourself. You want to improve your appearance, your physical movements, yourself confidence to become the strong and kind person you always thought you could be. A person needs to feel confident about their physical appearance to thrive in this world.

You can think better of yourself. One begins their journey of self improvement and self acceptance by visiting my website and reading my books. “Thoughts, physical movement, health, beauty, and achieving personal goals” provides one with a view of today’s social issues as they relate to how we can change for the better. In this eBook I often refer to the works of F. M. Alexander, so my methods are based upon a time tested formula for proper physical and mental change. It was in 1995 when I read F.M. Alexander’s books about how to properly “use” one’s body, so that I could learn proper physical movement. His methods to change oneself make perfect sense. Enough so that once I began the journey to “use” myself properly, I knew instinctively that my life would change for the better.

In my book I discuss in detail how to “use” one’s self effectively. I cover the topics that prevent many of us from achieving personal success because of our poor physical habits, and perhaps because of our outmoded perceptions. Following the theory and methods I offer, you can correct your mindset and improve the way you use yourself. You can begin to achieve many forms of success, beyond that of improving your physical state. You’ll become inspired internally. This inspiration will become evident in your outward appearance and physical movements. You’ll feel like a “success.”

Lengthening the spine and freeing the neck are terms you’ll learn and adopt as you improve your posture and your use. You’ll be pleased with who you are and who you will become. “Thoughts, physical movement, health, beauty, and achieving personal goals” is for those that have posture problems, physical movement difficulties, weight loss difficulties, and problems with how they perceive the world. You’ll adopt a clear way to think. Your belief system will change for the better.

There are many ways for self improvement using my methods. This book will help not only those having only minor problems with posture, support, and self confidence, but those of us having extreme difficulty with their posture and lack of confidence. I provide ways to maintain an upright appearance, attain clear thoughts, and help you find ways to improve your physical movements, gain a pleasant walking style, and become as social as you want to be.

You’ll learn to accept yourself, move about with grace and poise because of a newly earned self respect. Others will notice your change for the better and give you the courtesies you deserve. I must say that my book is a personal triumph. I’ve used my experiences for the better. I’ve cut to the chase on the topics that hold many of us back. I’ve dealt with the spectrum of issues that must be revealed so that we don’t feel alone as we change for the better. It is my hope that together we find a way for you to be at peace on this earth.

Unlock the feelings that are deeply personal to you so you may think more clearly, and unlock the sensations of moving well. I hope this will be a “good read” as well as being helpful to all of you. This website provides eBooks, presentations, links, and articles for those of us who wish to change for the better, and to begin feeling more in control of our lives.

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