The following is much of what I have learned about the greatness of our own body’s posture and our adaptive minds as we change for the better.

As children, and then as we wandered through life to adolescence and young adulthood, we have seemingly “locked in” our body shape. Even back then, if we were not happy with our appearance, perhaps we wanted to change for the better. It could be that we saw something in others that we wanted. To unlock and improve our body shape from that age, we must begin by having a desire to change, we must find that “light” within us to change for the better. Then we would set off to find out how we could change our posture for the better.

Our posture and the shape of our own body are a depiction of who we are inside, all the things you are, so changing it requires the utmost from our body and our mind. How could we change at such a young age while we were very carefully taught, our minds “impressed,” to behave and use ourselves, well, incorrectly? There are many facets of our personalities that we must change so we can achieve a better use of ourselves and then gain a certain poise and confidence. The Alexander Technique can allow one to change in these various, beneficial ways. It is quite astounding as to how much this technique permits us to change for the better.

The body is equipt to give us good mobility and a fine, appreciated form for the rest of our lives. I personally, as probably most of you know from reading my posts, want to go beyond acquiring good posture. I want my senses to come alive, brimming with a quiet confidence. I want to know how others with grace and poise, and those with a fine posture and nice body features, make their way in this world. I think they have something intangible that most of us without these intangibles desire. I believe that each of those with desirable traits, think of their surroundings as a world that is all going “their way.” In such surroundings, they fit into this wonderful world as only those with grace and poise would. Very happily.

I have discovered this much in my observations. People of this rarefied, refined, social class don’t do many of the things I did, or carried themselves in the improper way I did. Also, they have befriended me only when I properly carried myself, became an established, trustworthy person demonstrating a desirable attitude. If the truth were told, I really did not want their friendship or anybody’s until I was satisfied with my appearance and attitude. Only then was I, and are we, ready to become acquaintances. Only then would we be a part of this desirable group of friends. Like many of you reading this, to accomplish this I was, and am, prepared to change for the better. I am changing for the better still. Sometimes it is a road with unexpected twists and turns, but a road that I must travel. It is likely that I will find on this road, those of fine character and those who are of this desirable social class.

People of a preferred social strata will only desire our friendship when we physically and mentally meet their criteria. They have pleasing traits, those traits of being both upright physically and mentally. personally, I enjoy investigating the “subtleties” of social success so that I may accommodate these traits. I want to have the same demeanor, the same great physical appearance, as those who’ve been blessed with, or fortunate to have, social graces. I want the poise, the good posture, and the self confidence that are found in those having these social graces. Then I want it “all”. I plan to successfully mingle with these people. I believe that most of us do, most of us who what to change for the better.

Even during this part of my life, I want to participate in the lifestyle that I envision. I want “character.” I want the greetings and pleasantries that are given to all the cordial and fine people we see every day. Presently I am making this change. My appearance and decisions are honed and unmistakenly refined. I am spending the rest of my days acquiring the positive behavioral and physical traits revealed to me by others of fine character, this regardless of what traits I learned from my parents or caregivers. After acquiring these fine traits, I am displaying them to these folks of good character, sharing with them these wonderful attributes and sharing with them the finest parts of my life. Yes, as the wonderful bits of information mount within me, I learn the fine art of walking into a room with a subtle confidence to then, be a part of all the good that is offered. I’ve obtained a nice sense of style, a certain grace and desirable poise, just like those found in the people I admire and share my time with.

It’s like learning a new craft, that of acquiring a preferable behavioral modification. Perhaps we were taught how to enter a room without confidence. Were we a person with the painfully shy communication skills that left us feeling awkward? It just does not “happen” that we would feel clumsy and out of sorts. Unfortunately, we were taught to display these bad habits. If we’d like to change this, if we don’t like the way we presently behave, let’s make a change for the better. Let’s make our entrances to a room a display of our subtle confidence. Become smooth in the ways to “work” and enjoy a room filled with gracious and influential people. Please note that the room would be filled with only those people holding desirable, graceful traits. Nothing less. Let’s not not waste our efforts on those who we wish not to engage with.

Bits and pieces of the good life are available to all of us by watching others who have a certain “cool,” those with a sense of style and an “upper class.” Teach yourself these traits. This acquired appreciation of learned positive traits that become who your are, your mannerisms, happens at the same time your body and mannerisms improve. Both you and others see your change for the better.

It is a sort of symbiosis. The more you improve your graceful ways, the more you are able to “see” and understand the ways you can become a part of a superior, refined “class” of folks. You learn to enjoy their company. It is like being drawn up, into a new and wonderful social setting, and you then are graced with all the perks that come with your new social position. That is why I am “all in” for changing for the better, the physical body and it’s intertwined mind. It is not important which comes first. They both cross the finish line at the same time, with you gracefully along for the ride.

You are a person who is changing for the better. With all of your subtle changes that have taken place during the last few days, months, or years, and, if you have been reading the articles from my website, you have evolved and allowed yourself to make this transition. As our legs stretch, our backs lengthen and widen, as we become more balanced with our heads gracefully poised atop our shoulders, so does the “sense” that we have reached yet another plateau. It is so nice and gratifying to open our stride and walk gracefully, to seemingly glide from one place to another, or to stand and sit with a certain new found confidence and enjoyment. During this transition we note how the finer things in life reveal themselves to us. Pleasant responses come to us as we simply make small talk with others, as we move with grace and poise, going about in our daily lives.

In previous articles I have commented on this improving “phase” of our life. I do so again, presently, because it is very important when we realize the following: As we elevate our physical and mental position in life, life elevates what it offers to us in exchange.

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