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I’ve written two eBooks to help those who want to change for the better.


“Gravity, atmospheric pressure, and anatomical structure,”  subtitled “Our natural support group” is available for free.  Simply subscribe, and you’ll also have access to our newsletter.

This free eBook is an introduction into improving one’s balance and appearance using this world’s natural forces. It provides ways to move about with more grace and ease. I discuss the technique of  F.M. Alexander and how this technique helps us “use” ourselves in an efficient and pleasing manner. The forces of gravity, atmospheric pressure, and anatomical structure are a basis for our physical “use.”

You’ll be interested to know of the interplay between these three natural forces and our “use.”  For example, did you know that when considering the benefits of these forces, one may conclude that they “support” our body, providing it with structure and balance.  The more we know about this natural support, the more we can become comfortable in our surroundings to improve our body’s “use.”

Both eBooks describe how to improve our minds and bodies using insightful reasoning and passive exercises so we can change for the better.  Whether it be those of us with posture problems,  those with problems of self perception, or simply those wanting to change but have had little success doing so, these eBooks provide excellent advice.

In my eBook, “Thoughts, Physical Movement, Appearance, and Achieving Personal Goals,” I discuss in detail the proper use of our muscles and how to gain an upright body to acquire our ease of physical movement.  There are chapters devoted to ways we can improve our thoughts in order to find pleasure and assurance in our accomplishments.

I discuss the technique of  F.M. Alexander and the “use” of ourselves. I show ways to adopt his technique to passive exercises to have a desired process and result.  I present ways to enjoy any social setting in which you may find yourself, by “using” yourself with more grace and poise.  The methods and topics discussed in this book provide the steps that will permit you to “change for the better!”

Simply sign up for our free newsletter and my eBook, “Gravity, atmospheric pressure, and anatomical structure. Our natural support group.” is available for you to download for free.  You’ll be on your way to experiencing the life you always wanted to enjoy.