The Pelvis – Some More Insights

Practically everything that we do, everything we are, is showcased in our pelvis.

It is true that our head or specifically our brain are primary to what we do.  Yes the brain makes the decisions that tells us what to do to take advantage of our surroundings, but upon what influence?

We act based upon what we perceive and we perceive what is in our immediate surroundings.  Our surroundings specifically are the people that surround us, i.e. our peers, our parents, bosses. What makes them act the way they do when they perceive us?  Well,they act based upon their surroundings too.  They act upon our body language. Your body posture tells them how to act when they see you.  Are you forthcoming, outgoing, sexy, upright?  The unspoken language is often greater than oral communication.

Our posture and pelvis contains a lot of information about a person.  One’s position of the pelvis (and therefore the back) tells those who view us, all they want to know.  The small of the back and pelvis are looked at by opposite sexes for obvious reasons. This area of the body gives onlookers that first impression they use to base how they socialize with you.

Your body is literally based upon your pelvis.  The pelvis supports the spine and upper body.  Usually when one’s spine is optimum, then so is the pelvis.  So too is the reverse.

For years you have made internal adjustments to your muscles so that you have currently the pelvis you desired (whether you wanted the way it looks now or not, you got what you wanted).  Realize this however, during your informative years, your youth, you made these muscle adjustments based upon what your parents imaged. In so many ways, they encouraged you to adjust your muscles to culminate into your frame and posture.  They were showing or telling you the proper or improper way to stand, sit, think, move around. The pelvis houses many muscles that provide balance and your core. It is also the base of your upper body. Much of who you are, how you engage with others, how you feel about yourself is within your upper body. Your upper body is fitted to your pelvis. Is it a good fit?

The big questions is; Do you still want your pelvis in the present state it is in? If not you can change it.  It will be difficult no doubt.  There are 16 pairs of muscles in the pelvic region.  All of them work to some degree, even if your pelvis is twisted or out of alignment.  If you want to change the appearance of your pelvis to work better, to carry your body more smoothly and effectively, you can. With focus and your desire to change for the better, you can have a more flexible body and more proper alignment of the spine and pelvis.  Stretching and lengthening the spine, which includes the pelvis is the key.

Anatomically, our thoughts prompt an action we wish our bodies to perform. Our thoughts are sent via our nervous system to the lower back then on to the hand, foot, arm, neck, where ever it is that we want to perform an action.  The small of the back is our “nerve center.”  Just below that is our pelvis.  So you can understand the importance of the pelvis and its immediate surroundings. The pelvis is the base upon which the nerve center operates. When your pelvis is stable, correctly positioned, and functions well, your nervous system is likely to work well.

We all understand that we suffer stress in this world. Some of us more than others. Let’s consider the wealthy and how they deal with stress.  Perhaps we can learn from them.  If you had a good amount of money, you’d show no negative stress when it is time to pay the rent. However, if you are without the necessary funds to pay the rent, these stresses can accumulate. In both the mind and the body, you become nervous and unhappy.  Your body suffers the pain of anxiety.  You find little relief. 

Anxiety exacerbates a person’s low self esteem.
The region of our lower back and pelvis showcases our sense of worth.  Most of us with weight problems or proportion problems store fat in this area. Our pelvis, under stress adjusts improperly.  We made our muscles in our pelvis adjust to benefit or protect us as we tried to surmount the our daily problems. Most of us with a bad pelvis and bad back were handed way to many problems to deal with. Currently, how does this weight gain or maladjusted pelvis affect us socially?

People can make a primal judgement, or as stated above, a first impression of others, by looking at a person from behind. Why do they focus on their lower back? We all do this because it is at the root of one’s appearance, and one’s “street smarts.” The region of the lower back provides others with an immediate review of you. It is key to how one carries themselves. Are we upright, slim, graceful?  Are we self confident, well balanced, even well bred? The buttocks or pelvis is the major joining structure between the legs and the upper body. It is an important area.  When this region of the body is streamlined, when the joining of the legs and upper body to the pelvis is at the height of their apex, a person is considered attractive.  A person that carries themselves with a smooth joining of their joints in the pelvic region is graceful and has poise.  Absolutely they are attractive, even without regarding the face.  One is fairly certain that the face is pleasing in appearance when the pelvis provides a proper base for streamlined backbone. The head is balanced atop this aligned spine and the face is noble, attractive, and displays contentment. One moves with a certain appreciated grace and poise. One is not impinged by social difficulties and therefore an awkward way about them. People in the higher echelons of society shrug off encounters that could affect lesser individuals.  The pelvis is the part of our body that showcases our street smarts and tells others that we are at the top of our game.

On the other hand, when we walk in an unbalanced way or have gained weight in the pelvic region, we are essentially telling others that we may not be at the top of our game. Basically we may be judged with some suspect.  We are compromised. We more readily submit to others will. We are not prepared to lead in a social setting. The game of life is played to win by those with all of their faculties engaged. A streamlined pelvis region is key to how well you play this social game.  People without street smarts, possessing a sound mind and body, are not going to achieve a high status within this golden social framework.  People with a twisted, large, or disproportional pelvic region do not present the what it takes to play well with these savvy social leaders.

You need not take my comments as gospel but do look at the leaders in you community, city, state, all governments. These leaders, I’ll say 90% of them walk with a certain balance and poise. They are well mannered (in public, generally at all times), and have a nice appearance. Even if these well to do are not your friends, you can learn much from those outside your peer group, those with more enviable traits.

It’s up to you.  The time to change is either now or soon. 

True, one must consider your present environment, but there will be a time that you can find a period of solace whereupon you can change.  At that time you can find a calm setting to quietly, imperceptive to naysayers, lengthen and stretch your back.  You can balance your head above your shoulders, loosen your jaw, free your neck, slightly raise your shoulders to bring in more air.  Breath easily and gain your self confidence, your grace and poise, and with a streamlined pelvis you will have the same wonderful appearance of those in more prestigious circles.