GERD – Diet – Good Posture

I notice there are quite a few views of my you tube video, “GERD is reduced simply by acquiring good posture and eating an apple before bed.” GERD of course is Gastroesophageal reflux disease. I won’t go deep into its symptoms or what it means. I’ll only say that it is usually a constant upset stomach and it can be very uncomfortable.

There are many “so called” cures for Gastroesophageal reflux disease and I’ve tried quite a number of them. The only one that I found to be effective is gaining good posture and eating an apple before bed. I discovered this after years of trying other methods.

One method that I thought had good possibilities to alleviate GERD was apple cider vinegar in pill form. I felt there was some success with it. however, it was not as effective as I wanted to stop GERD.

While trying other remedies to inhibit GERD, I remained on an Alexander Technique exercise program to lengthen my spine,(which will raise the shoulders), free the neck, and balance my head a top my shoulders. Doing this I acquired good posture and it gave me more room in my torso area. It felt like my stomach and intestines now functioned much better to prevent GERD. My theory was that making more room equals better flow of food. It felt like the connection between my esophagus and my stomach is smoother so that GERD would not find a place to reside within in me.

Good posture, achieved by lengthening my spine and adjusting my body through stretching, removes any excessive physical effort of the organs to digest food. This helps to stop GERD. The lifting up of my chest and the positioning of my pelvis in the opposite direction, further away from my chest and stomach region, opens the ducts and tubes of my digestive system so food can flow easily. The point is I have less indigestion and very little GERD.

In the recent past it has been discovered that through the frequent use of antibiotics, our beneficial bacteria has been eliminated. This good bacteria is necessary to properly digest food. Without it food is not digested well so GERD easily finds a home in your body. There is a bacterial formulation available in some natural food stores which is said to restore one’s good bacteria. I tried it and had little success with it. I don’t think I gave it a chance though. I could have used several bottles of these pills but didn’t.

Being a person who would like to cure my ills naturally, without pills, I read on the internet about eating an apple prior to bed that helps stop GERD. As I said before, I tried apple cider vinegar tablets and really wanted them to work, but they didn’t for me. However, the theory of apple cider vinegar doing good things while in my stomach and intestines was logical to my way of thinking. I’ve read that the consuming a tablespoon of vinegar can help an upset stomach needs to become more regulated, thus preventing GERD. This, rather than taking the chalky antacid tablets. I never liked the chewable antacid tablets anyway.

Eating an apple to stop GERD is natural. We’ve all heard that “eating and apple a day keeps the doctor away.” I like apples. In my mind the process of having an apple clean my teeth as I ate it, even before slumber, was great. Caring not whether I bushed my teeth before or after eating this fruit was a plus. Eating apples are good for your teeth too.

My thinking continued. As the apple flowed down the esophagus, it was perfectly natural and benefits the esophagus, more so than pills. At this point of digestion, the apple is much like apple sauce. Seems to me that this is very soothing to the esophagus. When the apple goes to the stomach is where I feel its real beneficial effect to alleviate GERD. Here the apple is transformed in to a liquid, like a cider. This is what I envision.

This “cider” mixed with the acid of the stomach and became acidic as well. Sort of like vinegar. Well, well. I just consumed a very natural apple cider vinegar to prevent GERD. As the apple moves through the intestines it is absorbed in my body to give me energy. Pills do not do this, not nearly as effectively as food. It takes real food to give a person natural energy and healthy cells. By the way, I eat sensibly these days, so a good diet is recommended.

I can say for me that this treatment to stop GERD has worked for years. The effect is felt almost immediately. Happily, when waking up, preparing for work and performing daily activities, I find I have very little indigestion or GERD.

There are now doctors who advocate this simple and natural way to rid one of GERD. Google: Natural Reflux Remedy.